Wat Pra Prabat Si Roy (Temple of the Four Buddha Footprints) [ Thai Culture ]  
Temple of the Four Buddha Footprints, or Wat Pra Prabat Si Roy in Thai, is a remote and spectacular forest temple located in Mae Rim’s Salouang district. Though it’s a highly prestigious and popular temple among Thais, very few foreigners make it out here. This is a shame since it&rsqu.. 
The Art Of The Wai [ Thai Culture ]  
Do learn how to wai. For Thais, the wai is everything. It's a beautiful way to greet people, to say thank you or goodbye. Most Thais expect and accept handshakes from Westerners, but you will probably feel more at home in Thailand if you do things the Thai way and learn to wai. How To Wai .. 
Court Culture : Architecture [ Thai Culture ]  
Apart from the royal palace buildings, classical Thai architecture can be found in monastic monuments, pagodas and temples which have been the focal points of Thai community activities for centuries. Admitting Indian, Khmer and other influences such as Chinese and Burmese, Thai architects develop.. 
Rice Farming: Discover how Thais help feed the world [ Thai Culture ]  
A journey to Thailand, Southeast Asia’s emerald, offers a rare opportunity to discover another you. It is difficult to put one’s finger on a single attribute that makes Thailand so alluring. Its sheer beauty and rich history have drawn visitors for as long as one can remember. At the cor.. 
Enjoy the wonderful world of flowers in Chiang Mai Flower Festival [ Thai Culture ]  
The city’s location allows Chiang Mai to enjoy a large variety of floral species. Besides having a tropical climate suitable for raising of such flowers as orchids, its high-altitude areas and cool winters allow it to be home to cold weather flowers such as carnations. Through the years, as Ch.. 
The National Thai Elephant Day – the day of honoring “Thailand national anima [ Thai Culture ]  
Traditionally and historically, the elephant has had a long association with Thailand and Thai people. They have been revered for many centuries. Everywhere you go in Thailand you see symbols of majestic Asian Elephants. Elephant imagery adorns everything from Buddhist temples to beer cans. Th.. 
Yi Peng- The great festival of lights in Chiang Mai [ Thai Culture ]  
In Chiang Mai, you shouldn’t miss Yi Peng festival, which is one of the most interesting events here. Let’s have new experience with it! Yi Peng or Yee Peng (local name) is part of the festival of lights in Northern Thailand to show respect to Buddha. It’s date usually coincides..