Thong phan chang [ Thai Herb ]  
Thai name : Thong phan chang English Name : Dainty spure Scientific name : Rhinacanthus nasutus (L.) Kurz Common name : Dainty spure Detail : Habit : Erect shrub, young stem guadrangular Leaf : Si.. 
Safflower (Cartharmus tinctorius) [ Thai Herb ]  
Carthamus tinctorius L. is commonly known as Safflower. C. tinctorius extracts and oil are important in drug development with numerous pharmacological activities in the world. This plant is cultivated mainly for its seed, which is used as edible oil. For a long time C. tinctorius has been used in tr.. 
Nutmeg tree (Chan Thet) [ Thai Herb ]  
Thai name : Chan Thet English Name : Nutmeg Tree Scientific Name : Myristica fragrans Houtt. Common Name : Nutmeg tree, Nutmeg Detail : Habit : Tree Leaf : Simple leaf, alternate, oblong-elliptic .. 
Houttuynia, Chameleon plant, Tricolor houttuynia ( Phlu Khao) [ Thai Herb ]  
Thai Nname : Phlu Khao English Name : Houttuynia, Chameleon plant, Tricolor houttuynia Scientific Name : Houttuynia cordata Thunb. Common Name : Houttuynia, Chameleon plant, Tricolor houttuynia Detail : .. 
Phaya plong thong [ Thai Herb ]  
Thai name : Phaya plong thong English Name : Phaya plong thong Scientific name : Clinacanthus nutans (Burm.f.) Lindau Common name : - Detail : Habit : Scandent shrub, branchlet erect-drooping overclam.. 
Andrographis paniculata [ Thai Herb ]  
Dehydroandrographolide succinate (DAS) is extracted from herbal medicine Andrographispaniculata (Burm f) Nees. DAS injection is used in China for the treatment of viral pneumonia and upper respiratory tract infections. The aim of this study is to investigate the pharmacokinetics and tolerance of DAS..